As we all come back from summer hiatus, this is a great time, either individually or as a post, to explore possible volunteer opportunities to further our mission of helping fellow Veterans.  The Queens County Sunday Pub, and a few posts running bingo, are examples of our members service to the Veterans` community

 Please seriously consider volunteering at the St. Alban`s facility.  You can contact Rose Mizrahi, Director of Recreation at St. Alban`s, to schedule an appointment to discuss with her what YOU and/or POST can do to support our mission.  Rose can be reached at 718-298-8578.

You will find that your involvement will be a rewarding experience both for you and your post, as well as helping our fellow Veterans.  Your commitment can be flexible to adjust to your needs.


Mike Honan



The Winberry Sunday Pub at St. Alban`s renamed in honor of its founder, the late Thomas X. Winberry, PCC, has been in operation since 2009.  It is operated by Legionnaires from various posts in Queens County.

The pub provides an atmosphere in which patients can go for 2-3 hours on a Sunday when there are no scheduled activities or trips.  At the pub, the patients are served non-alcoholic beer, soda and snacks as they watch the game of the week on a big screen TV.

Since the spring of 2012, we have been soliciting money to restock the bar.  We thank those posts who have made a donation.  For those posts that have not contributed, we ask that you consider doing so.  Every penny donated is used for supplies.  Please make your donation payable to the Queens County Committee with a notation that is it for the pub.  Please remit to County Treasurer, Denis J. McEneaney, 19 West 10th Road, Broad Channel, N.Y. 11692.We are also considering expanding the pub to an evening during the week, perhaps from 6-8 p.m., if we can get a sufficient number of volunteers.  Please call me at 516-374-3752 if you are interested or have any questions about the pub.

Legionally yours,


Mike Honan

Pub Chairman